Working Harbors & Seafood

A strong sense of the unspoiled, uncrowded Schoodic region can be found visiting one of its small fishing harbors. Local fisherman can be seen going about their daily work making a living from the sea. You might spot clammers, wormers, mussel harvesters, and lobstermen all plying their trade out in the tidal mud flats or on the open coastal waters.   When you visit one of the villages keep your eyes peeled for street names that include “wharf” or “pier”. These working harbors are places to see and smell the ocean and often have public boat ramps.


The harbors in Sorrento, Winter Harbor, Prospect Harbor, and Corea have working lobster fleets and other boats moored there. These harbors are lively places where you might see trucks moving the day’s catch or skiffs moving fisherman back and forth between the dock and their boats. It’s common to see crates of lobster or buckets of clams headed to local seafood shacks and restaurants. This authentic Byway experience is not to be missed. There’s nothing like speaking with a local fisherman about their trade. Just be careful to not to get in the way or disturb the flow of work.