Winter Harbor Historical Society Walking Tour


In the Village of Winter Harbor, wander around the streets and discover old sea captain homes and historic community buildings. The created a self-guided walking tour so you can peek into the town’s maritime past. (MORE INFO | TAKE THE TOUR)

The Sullivan-Sorrento Historical Society

The Sullivan-Sorrento Historical Society is located in the Sullivan Recreation Center, houses a collection of historic photographs, tools, clothes and other memorabilia. A great place to learn about this historic region. A skate board park and playground are in back. Summer Hours: Tuesdays 1 p.m. – 3 p.m., Saturdays 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. (PLAN YOUR VISIT >)

The Gouldsboro Historical Society


The Town of Gouldsboro Historical Society is devoted to researching, collecting, preserving, and sharing the Town’s historical material, and educating others about the history of our Town and region. The Society serves operates the Old Town House Museum and the Blance Archive and offers numerous events and publications to inform and entertain the public. (PLAN YOUR VISIT >)

roadside interpretive signRoadside Interpretive Signs

When traveling the Byway keep your eyes peeled for turnouts, rest areas and other public places featuring interpretive panels. The diversity of subjects will appeal to all kinds of history buffs. Read about local history including glacial geology, the granite industry, ship building, steamships, the fishing industry, ferries, railroads, old hotels and tourism, schooners, and bridges, to name a few.

Historical Sites and Antique Shops

Artisan sign

While you’re out on the Scenic Byway look closely for historic landmarks and clues to the area’s significant maritime history and landscapes of the past. Check out the bell manufactured in 1888 at the library in Winter Harbor, find maritime artifacts in several shops, and wander through antique shops to discover remnants of the canning, quarrying and fishing industries.

Granite QuarryingGranite Quarrying

Granite quarrying used to be a major industry in this area. Granite blocks carved by hand long ago can be seen at many locations. Learn about this great industrial granite production history at Gordon’s Wharf in Sullivan where you’ll find the “Granite Quarrying” Kids Quest site. A few working quarries still exist in the area. Much of the granite you can touch and stand on at scenic turnouts was cut, split and finished locally. The Schoodic area hosts five “Maine Sculpture Trail” sites: Prospect Harbor, Winter Harbor, Schoodic Institute, and Sumner Park.

Ladies canningCanning History

Drive by the only remaining canning factory (now a lobster processing facility) in Prospect Harbor to get a sense of what fishing factories were once like. Make sure to wave to the “Stinson Man” standing 40 feet tall in front of the factory.

Maritime HistoryMaritime History

Behind the Dorcas Library in Prospect Harbor is the watering cove where schooners used to fill their hulls with fresh water.

West Gouldsboro and Sullivan harbor.   Step back in time and imagine rope being made at Wonsqueak Harbor or visit Tidal Falls to see old photos of schooners in the fast-flowing tidal waters.


There are many wonderful historic buildings, monuments and sites to discover on day trips or during an extended stay in the Schoodic Area. See our Byway Map and Attractions brochure (PDF).

  • Old stone horse watering trough: Sumner Park in Sullivan
  • Stone store: Route 1 in Sullivan
  • Bronze Compass : West Gouldsboro
  • Historic Architecture: Schoodic Education and Research Center
  • Scale model of Prospect Harbor lighthouse: Gouldsboro Town Office
  • Stinson Man (giant sign): Rt 186 Prospect Harbor
  • Community House Women’s Club: Prospect Harbor
  • Channing Chapel Bell: Winter Harbor Library